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DNA Testing

Regarding genes, you should

pay attention to the term

genetic variation (single

nucleotide polymorphisms

( SNPs)). Genetic variation

(SNPs ) are more common

than we think:

More than 75% of people

often have significant genetic

variants of SNPs in the most

important vegetative metabolic pathways.

In the absence of an understanding of their nutritional needs, millions of people waste a lot of money on nutritional supplements that are not suitable for themselves.

If the gene without enzyme function is activated, many supplements cannot be effectively delivered at the cellular level, so patients may be wasting time and money without any benefit to the body.

Our medical experts can identify up to 1,200 genetically modified SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and validate genetic variant SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) in the following areas:


  • Methylation / basic

  • Autoimmune / inflammatory markers

  • Nerve / spirit

  • Chronic pain / before surgery

  • Gastrointestinal

  • Detoxification

  • Healthy growth of children

  • Women's health

  • Diet and health

  • Male health



What is nutritional genomics?

"Nutrient Genomics" is a combination of genetics and nutrition that allows patients to understand their genetic status and nutritional needs.

The most comprehensive genetic testing is now available to validate the nutritional supplement needs of the patients. Through genetic testing, our team of professionals can accurately identify the genetic variants of each visitor to identify metabolic disorders. These key proteins are involved in enzyme conversion, nutrient delivery and signaling pathways in cells.

Since genetic variants of SNPs have a negative impact on the physiological and metabolic functions of the patients, our team of doctors designed a genetic testing kit to evaluate up to 55 genetic variant SNPs. Overcome genetic variant SNPs and metabolic defects with the right supplements and maintain optimal health.


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Why do nutrition genome testing?

Our test report can identify the

genetic predisposition of the

patient (expressed as ++ / +- / --),

which may trigger human gene

expression if the patient is in the

right environment.

Genetic variation in humans SNPs

are like cracks on bridges that

threaten our health. So how do

we fix these cracks? We can solve

the above problems for you!

Through our nutritional genetic testing, patients can understand the location of genetic variant SNPs in the body, and let our medical team provide targeted health solutions.

The genetic test report provides the following:

  • Nutritional advice to overcome the genetic defects found in your DNA

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Supplement recommendation

Please contact us to determine which panel is right for you.

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