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micro-Magnetic Resonance

micro-Magnetic Resonance technology is to measure and compensate bio-electrical phenomena in the human body. This device is registered by the F.D.A. and complies safety standards for the Class 2 medical device ISO 13485 - label CE 2A, and is supported by numerous clinical studies over the decades.



















mMR is a kind of Non-Linear Diagnosis system (NLS) which has been developed around a hundred years for health analysis and diagnosis which determines the state of tissues and organs over the moment.

The advantage of NLS :

•  Non-invasive & Fast Diagnosis

•  Possible to find real cause(s) of symptoms

•  Bacteria, virus, parasites

•  Heavy  metals, toxins

•  Vitamins deficiencies

•  Biological markers (e.g. CRP, tumor markers)

•  Visualization and localization of Problems

•  Path to proper treatments

•  Food suggestions / Food to avoid

•  Suggestion of ways for treatment (eg. Herbs, homeopathy)

• T  herapy

Combined MRI and NLS increase accuracy of Brain Tumor Diagnosis

•Accuracy of NLS-research with SEA in evaluation of surgical intervention extent is 93%

•Accuracy of MRI –86%. 

Combined application of these methods allowed us to make more accurate diagnosis in 96% of cases 

Comparison of NLS vs UltraSound in Diagnosis of Ovarian


NLS group, n= 4187. US group, n= 2157

Reference of mMR Prognostic Validity vs UltraSound. 

mMR is currently used by healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, research centers, world class sportsmen, well being centers, dieteticians independant therapists and private individuals for its exceptional performances (diagnosis, care, treatments and training following) without any risk.

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